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WHSBLA - Coaches Certification Program

Purpose: The purpose of the WHSBLA Coaching Certification program is to enhance the training of student-athletes by assuring that their coaches maintain a certain level of professional development and safety training throughout their careers. It is also the goal of the WHSBLA to advance the level of play by providing lacrosse coaches the structure and training necessary to strive for the highest level of coaching and sportsmanship.


ALL COACHES: Any coach (volunteer or paid) is required to

  1. Maintain a current/valid US Lacrosse Membership to include an NCSI Background Check AND Abuse Prevention course.
  2. Maintain a current/valid CPR/First Aid card
  3. Complete NFHS course: Concussion in Sports  (every three years)
  4. Complete NFHS course: Sudden Cardiac Arrest (every three years)

HEAD COACHES:  The Head Coach of each program (Varsity Head Coach) must also be at least 21 years of age and attend the Coach’s Meeting each January to include an NFHS/WALOA Rules Clinic.   

In addition to meeting the above requirements, the Head Coach must at minimum provide certificate of completion for:

Level 1: Developing the Individual Athlete   (Must login to US Lacrosse account first to use link)

  • A previous certificate for US Lacrosse Boy's Level 1 Online is valid
  • Documentation showing coach is fully Level 1 certified (or higher) is valid
  • One is exempt if having been a registered head coach with the WHSBLA since 2012 season or prior


Documentation: Each year, every WHSBLA member program is required to submit to the WHSBLA Board a compliance file providing proof of the above, for each coach, paid and volunteer, for that program.